HPE Testimonials

  • "This stranger (@wbelk) seems to understand me better than anybody I've ever known. Any company with weirdos like me working there (maybe I’m not as weird as I thought) would do well to heed this advice."
  • "OMG…you completely summarized all the frustrations and feelings I’ve been having for 10+ years, ones which I could never quite fully explain or impress upon others to realize."
  • "I am referring my coworkers to this."

Executive Testimonials

  • "As a CTO, if I can recommend one way to improve your process, it's to learn from your font-line engineering staff. Mr. Belk and his processes have been a life saver in their ability to help us evolve our process, retain our engineers and get product to market quicker and more reliably than we ever dreamed possible—all by learning from our engineers."