What is our mission?

Our primary mission is to narrow the disconnect between executive management and high-performance employees (HPEs). We work with forward-thinking companies to optimize the HPE Retention Matrix—a framework which respects and enforces the fundamental needs and principles of high-performance people.

Who are the HPEs?

Rather than being tasked with doing the most, high-performance employees (HPEs) are asked to solve the hardest problems in every company. They are the technicians, builders, designers, creatives, culture shapers, narrators and innovators. Together they erect product and industry across the globe. They are the focus of international recruiting, yet they remain largely misunderstood and poorly cared for.

It’s all very simple: the disposition and laser-focus required to become an HPE usually come at the expense of time spent debating, negotiating and evangelizing. Furthermore, it’s quite obvious that executives and HPEs tend to optimize against completely different career and trade principles.
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How do we engage?

You may already have culture problems with your HPEs, or perhaps you're planning big things and want to avoid the common mistakes. We can help with:

Culture Auditing & Improvement
Space Planning
Mentorship Programs
Process Improvement (Lean-Scrum-Agile)
End-Of-Engagement Protection
Community Outreach & Evangelism
Management Competency Analysis
Technical Competency Analysis

By The Numbers

Physical & Auditory Space

  • 58% of HPEs say they need more quiet work spaces to retreat to
  • 54% of HPEs think their environment is too distracting


  • 36% of HPEs think their direct manager lacks competence
  • 57% of HPEs perceive a large disconnect with company executives


  • 74% of HPEs feel their team process needs to be improved


  • 15% Less than 15% of companies provide HPE leadership mentoring

Visual / Written Communication

  • 44% of HPEs think visual/written communication helps make group decisions


  • 43% of HPEs rate their equipment 6/10 or less

Community Involvement & Evangelism

  • 65% of HPEs want to contribute to their technical communities

*numbers from this anonymous survey with 3,000+ respondents and counting